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Tuesday's Tip (CA 7):  Let's get those database's clean! 

06-24-2014 09:21 AM

Hello, and Happy Tuesday to all.


With the release 12 of CA 7 ‘right around the corner’ I wanted to be sure that all clients are as ready as possible to be able to install and test this new release.  One of the main enhancements introduced in r12 is the conversion of CA 7 database and queue files to CA Datacom/AD.  In our QA and beta testing we have found that your r11.3 database needs to be as ‘clean’ as possible to ensure a smooth conversion.  To facilitate that, we strongly suggest that you run program SASSDBVR and SASSBK00 (backup).  These programs are designed to check for certain conditions in the CA 7 database files that may need attention.  If any error messages are produced by these programs, you will need to follow the instructions in the documentation to resolve the issues. In some cases, you may need to involve support to ensure that the clean-up is complete


Program SASSDBVR is documented in the CA 7 Database Maintenance Guide and SASSBK00 is documented in the CA 7 System Programmer Guide.  The messages from these programs and the actions that need to be taken for each are documented in the CA 7 Message Guide.


Thanks to all of you—and have a GREAT week!


Special Note:  We have not forgotten the request for and promise of a WEBEX presentation on Jobflow Illustrator—still working on the logistics of this—hopefully more news on this soon!

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