VM:Backup Tapes May Have Incorrect Expiration Dates 

10-02-2014 05:59 PM

Calculated expiration dates derived by specifying a very large  

number of days for discarding or condensing of catalogs can     

result in PRG009 abends. Similar dates specified for CA VM:Backup

managed backup tapes will result in reuse of those tapes leading

to loss of backups.                                         


Limit CA VM:Backup retention periods to relatively small values.

The current maximum retention period of 9999 added to the current

date yields a date that exceeds February 27, 2042. We recommend 

you do not use retention periods that generate dates beyond     

12/31/2041. If you must retain backup tapes for such a long time

we recommend you use CA VM:Tape. If you have data that must be  

kept indefinitely, use CA VM:Archiver.   


For complete details, please read informational APAR RI74242

available from support.ca.com. RI74242 may be updated

from time to time with new information about the  problem

and its resolution. CA apologizes for any inconvenience that

this may cause. We are working diligently to remedy this problem.

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