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CMMT/XOMT (Cross Memory Master Terminal and Extended Operations Master Terminal) is an external/internal monitor for IDMS which was put into the public domain (open sourced) by Neon systems after they acquired the product from Inner Access. The original open source file is posted here as Prior to the open source distribution, Inner Access had released an object only freeware version.  From what I can determine it only contained the TSO external driver, but the open source has the VTAM driver as well.

For users new to CMMT/XOMT I suggest starting with Steve Franzon's packaging, as my source-only distribution is directed more at users who already have the monitor functioning in some form. Steve's distribution also includes a loadlib, so you can get started much more quickly.

The original documentation for the monitor is in two files.  CMMT.pdf has information about installing, configuring and operating the external forms of the monitor that run under VTAM and TSO.  XOMT314.pdf has information about the functions available in both the internal and external monitor, it's more of a user manual.  Originally all of the files were in one folder on the community site, but on the new Jive site you may need to do searching or filtering on keywords to find them all. 

The monitor has powerful selection criteria and totaling features on most screens and also turns many typical DCMT functions, that other monitors don't address, into a form of menu mode.  Both bug corrections and enhancements have been done along with supporting the new IDMS releases not originally covered by the vendors.

The first source update for IDMS R17 (CMMT317) was released on 23 August, 2011. There were 15 source update releases made under CMMT317.

CMMT/XOMT 3.18 has been tested on IDMS R14.1-R18.5. Intended as a source upgrade to open source primarily for older CMMT users and possibly also for users who have implemented from open source. Includes all revisions made for CMMT317O with help from Steve Franzon, but also includes WORKING support for R18.x beginning with 1 June, 2012 release.

Version 1 on this new CA site corresponds to previous CMMT318A 1.12 version from late 2013.

Version 2 (was 1.13)- New commands to alter report class/dest – 31 Dec, 13 - 3 Jan, 2014

Version 3 - Minor bug fix – 10 Jan, 2014

Version 4: User screen enhancement – 7-10 Feb, 2014

Version 5: (9 May 2014) - Correct user screen for ACF2, Program and Task enhancements, fixes. 

Version 6: (16 June, 2014) - Some small changes for MT in R18+

Version 7: (17 June - 2 July, 2014) - Further fixes/enhancements for MT screen.  CPU effectiveness added to screen.

Version 8: (25 - 29 July, 2014) - Small enhancement made to S1, DC statistics, to show CPU usage

Version 9: (1 - 14 August, 2014) - Fix/Enhance: S1, S2, R3, R1, R2, ME and PT - new content on S2 (DB stats) and PT screens.

Version 10: (18 Aug - 25 Sep, 2014) - Fortify R4 walking CCE/TBK/TBX. R3 improve resource filtering. New ‘A’ abend task line command on R3,R4:

An idea of mine improved by Steve Franzon.  Found Cxxxxxxx screen command was only good for 7 digit taskid.  New line command not only supports 8 digits currently on the screen, but would also work on a larger task ID where high order digits are truncated since it works with TCETSKID full word.


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