CA InterTest

Tech Tip: CA InterTest for CICS Incremental release v10 and sites not licensed for DB2 or IMS. 

10-04-2016 12:50 PM

The CA Intertest and Symdump v10 base incremental PAX installation file allows clients to install products CA InterTest Batch, CA InterTest for CICS, CA SymDump Batch and CA SymDump for CICS from a single PAX file into the same SMP/E environment. The installation process can be done using CSM or batch JCL. As part of the installation process you will need to supply CICS, IMS and DB2 load libraries. For sites not licensed for DB2 or IMS the installer should point to the CICS SDFHLOAD library.

An installation problem recently surfaced and will be fixed when the mature GA PAX file is created. The installer was doing a CSM custom install for CA Intertest for CICS only. The CSM install process required the installer to enter the IMS RES library. The IMS RES library is not required when installing CA Intertest for CICS only. Since this client was not licensed for IMS as a work around they pointed to the CICS SDFHLOAD for the IMS RES entry on the CSM panel.

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