Tech Tip: When I IPL the z/VM System, CA VM:Schedule’s   VMSCHED time does no match the CPU Clock. Message is VMDDAT104W CPU clock is 29 hours AHEAD OF VMSCHED CLOCK 

02-08-2017 01:31 AM


I have completed a Power-on reset on the Mainframe System.

When I IPL the z/VM System, CA VM:Schedule’s VMSCHED time does no match the CPU CLOCK,

Message is VMDDAT104W CPU clock is 29 hours AHEAD OF VMSCHED CLOCK




You need to respond to CA VM:Schedule System Messages (REPLY)

To list the CA VM:Schedule messages that are waiting for replies, use the QREPLY command. To reply to one of those messages, use the REPLY command. Execute these commands from the Operator Main Menu by selecting REPLY. Alternatively, use the line-mode format that is shown in the following examples.


Note: QREPLY does not appear as an option on the CA VM:Schedule operator menu. The command is available on the REPLY screen under the following selection:


Display all messages awaiting an operator reply (Y/N):


Line-Mode Examples

To list all the CA VM:Schedule messages waiting for responses and the ID numbers for the replies, enter:


vmsched qreply


The CLOCKCHK record in the VMSCHED CONFIG file controls the use of the CA VM:Schedule internal clock.


During system initialization, CA VM:Schedule compares the CPU clock to its internal clock. If the CPU clock is either ahead of or behind the internal CA VM:Schedule clock by the amount specified in the CLOCKCHK record, CA VM:Schedule sends system messages 0103W and 0104W to its system operator console. These messages warn you about the time difference, and allow you to double check the CA VM:Schedule clock. If the clock is correct and you reply OK to message 0104W, CA VM:Schedule executes the SKIP and CANCEL commands on requests whose WITHIN time expired while CA VM:Schedule was shut down.


If the CPU clock is correct, enter the following command to continue CA VM:Schedule initialization:


vmsched reply 01 ok


This command causes CA VM:Schedule to adjust its own clock file, complete initialization, and reschedule any requests appropriately, thus making up for for the time the system was not operating.

If you determine that the CPU clock is incorrect, follow the procedures used at your site to set the CPU clock correctly. CA VM:Schedule reinitializes when you bring the system up.  

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