CA IDMS Messages: New Message--DC205032 

08-10-2018 05:34 PM

The following new message is added. The message appears when the amount of storage that is required by a buffer exceeds the amount of free OPSYS storage available in the address space:


This message is also supported in CA IDMS Release 18.5.

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08-14-2018 09:08 AM

Hi Paul,

   IDMS buffers in opsys stg are allocated in 31-bit stg.   I believe 2 GB is the limit for any one Job/STC  BUT I would Not

recommend getting close to that limit as it could cause system paging  (after increasing the amount of 31-bit that a CV uses I would

always ask the Sysprogs to make sure it has not caused any increase in system paging).


   I suspect sysprogs have a way to see the amount of 31-bit stg currently being used by a CV Job/STC but I am not aware of how that

is done. 

   I do know how to find out the amount of 31-bit stg your CV currently using from IDMS messages and displays.

   Add the following together to see how much the CV is currently using:

1.  DC390020 Vnnn TOTAL AMOUNT OF XA STORAGE..    (from startup msgs)

2.  RUN LOOK DMCL and page down to just past the list of buffers  to see the amount 

          "Bytes used for CV buffers in OS storage"   * -  this is the total for all buffers defined so if any buffers are not opened

at startup, that amount of stg won't be allocated until the relevant Areas are accessed.

3. DCMT D SCRATCH and if your Scratch is allocated in 31-bit add that to the above 2 numbers  (if you specified   LOCATION ANY in the

SCRATCH IN STORAGE  clause of the SYSTEM statement AND your LPAR has 64-bit stg available it will be allocated in 64-bit.  In that

case don't add the SCRATCH stg to the above 2 things)



For example in my 19.0 CV I have

DC390020 V1900 TOTAL AMOUNT OF XA STORAGE..    71,624K

from LOOK DMCL:  15,867,132 Bytes used for CV buffers in OS storage



and my Scratch is in 64-bit so I don't add that,  so I'm using about 85 MB of 31-bit so I have quite a lot of room to increase

buffers if I need to .


Hope that helps

08-13-2018 03:29 PM

I’m planning on bumping some of my buffers. What is a good way to tell how much OPSYS storage is available? I want to know ahead of time if I am going to exhaust the operating system’s memory.



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