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Tuesday Tip: Automatically delete CA InterTest for CICS breakpoints that have been sitting IDLE for more than 20 minutes. 

09-02-2014 05:30 PM

Sometimes a user stops at a breakpoint and forgets to exit CA InterTest for CICS before they leave for the day or go to lunch. If the user has an ENQ on a resource other users debugging could hang until the resource becomes available. CA Intertest for CICS has an option to PURGE ACTIVE breakpoints.


Purge break pointed tasks (PURGE) instructs CA InterTest for CICS to periodically purge tasks halted at a breakpoint for longer than the specified interval. The first purge occurs when the option is specified.

Subsequent purges occur at the end of the interval, specified in hours and minutes in this format hhmm. The minimal time interval is 20 minutes. You can enter the following command at a clear screen in CICS and press ENTER.




If password protection is active then you will be prompted for a pass word. The default password is $FUN


CAIN4599 CNTL   password:


After 20 minutes a CA Intertest for CICS purge will be done and tasks that are sitting at a breakpoint for more than 20 minutes will be purged. This command can be automatically done each time CA Intertest for CICS is started by adding it to a PROMMAC table. The PROMMAC table is outlined in the CA InterTest for CICS install guide. The PROMMAC table contains a list of CA InterTest for CICS commands to be executed at startup time.

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