CA Data Content Discovery for z/OS

Discover Sensitive Data at Rest and in Motion with CA Data Content Discovery 

06-28-2016 02:22 PM

Over 70% of mission essential data resides on the mainframe and the average cost of a data breach is $379M and growing. Are you able to find, classify, and protect sensitive mainframe data?


Join Chip Mason, Senior Principal of Mainframe Security Product Management to learn how CA Data Content Discovery:


  • Finds regulated and sensitive data on z Systems to prevent the risk of data exposures
  • Classifies sensitive data and verify that controls are checked to satisfy compliance regulations
  • Protects sensitive data and control who has access to it
  • And discovers sensitive at rest and in motion


Mitigate the risk of data breaches and secure the enterprise from mobile to mainframe with CA Data Content Discovery; the first of its kind automated tool for finding sensitive and regulated data running solely on the mainframe.

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