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Helpful Jobtrac KDs for commonly reported problems and frequently asked questions 

01-07-2019 04:51 PM

Listed below are helpful Jobtrac KDs for commonly reported problems and frequently asked questions.


KB000053438  --  How to DEFRAG the CA Jobtrac Job Management Index (IXX) data set after delete history?
KB000053971  --  With CA Jobtrac Job Management r11, what do should you do when receiving a SB37 ABEND on IXX161?
KB000020534  --  CA Jobtrac Job Management - Upgrading JES2 consideration with running AUTO-SCHD jobs.
KB000054205  --  What is the procedure to enlarge Jobtrac 11.0 databases?

KB000023057  --  What requirements do CA Jobtrac Job Management (r11) have for release r12 and later of CA Common Services?
KB000036964  --  Maintenance Procedures to address EVT when TRACWARN message is issued once EVT0161 reaches 80% utilization.
KB000050099  --  CA Jobtrac Job Management: What to do if job hangs in WAIT EXEC or EXECUTING STATUS.
KB000052537  --  With CA Jobtrac Job Management, why are my jobs sitting in status of "AWAITING SUBMISSION"?
KB000043753  --  Action to take for Sysout Capture file when message TRACWARN - DATA AREA OF CAPTURE FILE IS nn% occurs
KB000055016  --  Why am I getting the following TRACWARN message on my history file?
                            *TRACWARN - DATACOM.R1102.HIS0161 AT 80% FULL IN 1 EXTENTS
KB000051517  --  What needs to happen when CA Jobtrac Job Management issues the message 'TRAC096A SYSOUT CAPTURE
                             FULL. ENTER ACTION TO BE TAKEN'?

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