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PTFs downloads

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  • 1.  PTFs downloads

    Posted 06-25-2019 01:49 PM
    Hi all,

    After some months inactivity to upgrade our VM products, I just try to use the new way to download PTFs with the "new" web site.
    Is there only a one by one way to download PTFs ?
    If I want to download all the PTFs from the last RSU, I can't think of this like that ?


  • 2.  RE: PTFs downloads

    Posted 06-27-2019 04:53 PM
    You can download individual solutions, some may be an RS (Required Service) PTF or an RSU ( Recommended Service Upgrade) PTF,  both of which  are collections of published product maintenance.
    Download solutions by product and add the solutions you want to your CART and when you checkout it will put everything into one zip file.

    Kitty Deitrich
    CA/Broadcom Mainframe Support 

  • 3.  RE: PTFs downloads

    Posted 07-04-2019 05:56 PM
    Hello Kitty,

    The problem comes from the fact that our contract was not reconducted in time.
    Now I can't see any products to open a new issue to ask to check if anything is in order from our side !

    is it possible to reopen the issue related tot his situation in our closed issues ?


  • 4.  RE: PTFs downloads
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    Posted 07-05-2019 07:23 AM
    Hello Alain,
    if you mean to get in contact with the team doing support for our webpages and contracts then I suggest to fill out this Customer Care request form to get in contact with them:

    If it is related to a case Kitty worked on, I would like to wait for Kitty to check. Would be good to know the case number you are referring to.
    Holger Albert
    Broadcom support

    Senior Support Engineer