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CA IMS Tools introduce z/OSMF workflows

  • 1.  CA IMS Tools introduce z/OSMF workflows

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-06-2020 01:25 AM
    Edited by Jakub Hofman 10-06-2020 01:27 AM

    We are pleased to announce that we released 9 brand new z/OSMF workflows that are meant to enhance user experience with post installation/configuration of the IMS tools. You can obtain new workflows via PTF SO13026.

    In general, z/OSMF workflow is a framework that is meant to support z/OS SYSPROGs with defining a guided flow (workflow) through steps to accomplish a system management or configuration task which can be automated later*.

    You may be wondering what the benefits of the IMS tools workflows are so here we are with what we have identified on high level:

    • Less steps needs to be taken to configure the IMS tools
    • Less error prone given that user has to fill in or update less variables
    • User does not have to enter same variable value in the multiple formats and places
    • User is confronted with modern user interface

    Let's have a look at each workflow details.




    Workflow ID & Description

    JCL member from hlq.CIMTSAMP

    What workflow improves

    ITKWFL01 - Create library dataset aliases This workflow enables reuse of
    your existing JCL from an earlier release of CA Database Management Solutions for IMS for z/OS. You can create aliases relating the old library names to new library names that now exist.

    JCL: INSALIAS (1 parameter)

    Benefit: this step becomes part of coherent configuration process

    ITKWFL02 - Create CA Compress library This workflow copies modules that are required exclusively for release 20 of CA Compress for IMS to run standalone. You can concatenate this library in your STEPLIB in the online IMS system region.

    N/A - user had to check list of LOAD modules in Knowledge Base Doc

    New: workflow automatically copies ~ 70 modules; user time saved, less error prone

    ITKWFL03 - Create load library containing only specified products This
    workflow creates a usable library containing only specified products.

    N/A - user had to choose specific FMIDs during SMP/e installation

    New: user easily picks products that should be installed by just mark a tick boxes; easy to use; time saved

    ITKWFL04 - Create DBAICE USERMOD This workflow applies a user modification (USERMOD) to DFSUDMP0 to invoke CA Database Analyzer for IMS for z/OS as a user exit to gather statistics, perform integrity checks, and verify pointers of the database data set.

    N/A - we do not provide JCL for USERMOD installation; we provide only USERMOD itself

    New: user easily applies USERMOD, time saved

    ITKWFL05 - Create PRMRESL library This workflow creates updated IMS modules in the PRMRESL library so you can test PRM without applying the PRM USERMODs.

    JCL: PRMTST15 (8 parameters)

    Benefit: 1 parameter saved, time saved, PRM test w/o USERMODs

    ITKWFL06 - Install IMS Information Repository This workflow allocates
    database areas and creates IIR tables. Tables are then immediately ready for

    JCLs: IIRINS1, IIRINS2, IIRINS3 + IIRPLNIN (17 parameters)

    Benefit: easier IIR installation, time saved

    ITKWFL07 - Migrate IMS Information Repository (IIR) This workflow migrates
    Datacom/AD database schema of your existing IIR for IMS tools release 19
    installation to IMS tools release 20.


    Benefit: almost automatic IIR migration, time saved

    ITKWFL08 - Configure Conditional REORG This workflow configures
    Reorg (CREORG) by writing properties file on USS.

    N/A - user had to create txt file on USS

    New: user does not need to move from z/OSMF interface during configuration and continue within it, time saved, workflow creates the file

    ITKWFL09 - Customize and Start ITK Started Task This workflow guides you
    through ITK Started Task installation.

    N/A - user had to pursue several manual steps per documentation

    New: guided and easier ITK Started Task installation, less error prone, time saved