General Availability Announcement for CA IDMS™ z/OSMF Workflows

  • 1.  General Availability Announcement for CA IDMS™ z/OSMF Workflows

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-23-2020 04:19 PM
    Edited by Sheila Miller 10-23-2020 04:27 PM

    Hello CA IDMS Community!

    The CA IDMS Product team is pleased to announce that you can now configure CA IDMS via z/OSMF Workflows when performing a base, upgrade, or add-on installation!

    CA IDMS z/OSMF Workflows

    After you install CA IDMS on a mainframe system, you can use z/OSMF workflows to configure the product software instance.  A sampling of the benefits that z/OSMF workflows offer:

    • Automate the deployment and configuration of a product instance
    • Assist system programmers with minimum mainframe experience to perform tasks
    • Significantly reduce the time that is required to perform tasks

    The workflow configuration of a CA IDMS environment follows the same post installation process, z/OSMF provides:

    • Flexibility of a menu-driven GUI to input the required variables
    • Variables are populated into the job stream
    • Job streams can be modified prior to submission and can be executed again if the job fails

    Workflows are provided to:

    To configure CA IDMS using z/OSMF Workflows, please reference the documentation on Tech Docs.  If you have any questions or require assistance, contact your local technical support group at or visit the Support Portal.

    We welcome questions and feedback as customers embrace the z/OSMF platform.  We also welcome you to participate in our CA IDMS Customer Validation Program to engage in our development efforts.  Customer guidance and feedback is invaluable to the success of our strategic product direction.  Please visit: to get involved! 

    Best Regards,

    CA IDMS Product Team