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    Posted 03-19-1998 06:09 PM
    Question: Is there a way to get the COBOL compiler to directly access DataDictionary?

    Answer: Not that I know of. However, in DataDictionary the "SET MODE ENTD" command followed by "D CBK" will produce a COBOL structure that can be retyped or cut & pasted into a true COBOL copybook. Another option is to run DDUTILTY and these input cards:

    -UTL COPY,TABLE,<table_name>(<status>),copybook_name

    They will produce a SYSPUNCH file that can be put into the copy library. If you follow the DDUTLTY with IEBUPDTE you can get the SYSPUNCH into the copy library PDS. This works for RECORD structures as well as for TABLE structures.

    MVS JCL is available. Just ask me for it.

    The DDUTILTY method does include the and descriptions that are in Data Dictionary so it is a bit nicer.

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