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Remove broadcom account

  • 1.  Remove broadcom account

    Posted 3 days ago
    Edited by Jason McClellan 3 days ago
    we do not have any (supported) Broadcom hardware anymore, and haven't had active contracts for years now. With regards to the GDPR I want my account xxxxxxxxxxxxx to be deleted as it's not needed anymore and not been used for years. I cannot find any option to do so myself. As we have no active contracts anymore I can't even raise a ticket for it.

    Can anyone help removing my account?


    Edited by @Jason McClellan - removed email address from public post to prevent it from being scraped.​

  • 2.  RE: Remove broadcom account

    Community Manager
    Posted 3 days ago
    Please enter your request here and it will be responded to by the Privacy team.   Thank you  Jason, Platform Admin

    Also:  I removed your email from your post to prevent SPAMMERS from scraping it.

    Thank you
    Broadcom Community Platform Admin, IT