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Generate PDF File

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  • 1.  Generate PDF File

    Posted 12-03-2019 11:10 AM
    In devtest 10.3, I created a test case that loads pdf content (utf-8) from a REST-GET call, and saved it to a PDF file. But the PDF file is blank. Do I need to do any data conversion?


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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-04-2019 05:41 AM
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    Hi Shurong,

    Thank you for using our community. As this query is related to the product CA Devtest, suggest you to please post this query in CA Devtest community. Our engineers should be able to help you with this information.

    Here is the link:

    Heena Tabassum
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    Former Employee
    Posted 12-09-2019 04:55 PM
    Moving to the Service Virtualization community.

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    Posted 12-17-2019 04:08 AM
    Hi Shurong,

    It may be a problem of saving text to pdf file directly. Because we may need to use a third party library to create a pdf file object and write contents to it, directly saving text content to a .pdf file may not work properly. I achieved this using iText java library earlier.

    Kindly note that you'll need to place the jars in <DEVTEST_HOME>/hotDeploy folder to make it available in Workstation environment (restart of Workstation will be required). If it works and you wish to stage the test on server, same jar has to be copied in hotDeploy folder of DevTest server installation.

    *Do check with your organization policy before integrating any third party libraries.

    <if you are creating pdf using the utility and still it won't work, kindly let us know more details of regarding which step you used and problems encountered>

    HCL Enterprise Studio