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Consuming REST Services, C Edition

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 11-18-2020 09:58 AM
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    With almost 10 years of experience, gained from significant production and consumption of REST services, Broadcom Mainframe Services for CA Gen is probably the most experienced in REST in the CA Gen EDGE community.

    While previous posts were focusing on our Web API Designer Field-Supported Solution (see prior threads in this community), for generation of individual REST services or comprehensive REST APIs, it's time for us to share our experience in the consumption of such services.

    So, today, I'm pleased to share with you the first document in a series, Consuming REST Services, C Edition. In this document, we summarize the knowledge we've gained using gSOAP to consume such REST services, and we've tried to make it as usable as possible, if you face a similar need. We already made some parts quite heavy, as the topic gets quickly quite technical, but you can use those technical parts as a reference, if you want to follow this route.

    If you want additional information, or have any suggestion/question, we'll welcome your feedback/questions and we'll be glad to help you solve your specific problems.

    Kind regards

    Christian Kersters