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New COBOL Language Support release

  • 1.  New COBOL Language Support release

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 07-23-2021 06:01 AM

    New release of COBOL Language Support

    The new version 0.20.0 of COBOL LS brings additional support for IDMS as well as s
    upport for COPY MAID statement. For all enhancements and bug fixes, please see the changelog.

    COBOL Language Support is an open-source project. Please visit the GitHub repository to give us feedback or make your own contribution to the project:

    The extension is available for free on the VS Code marketplace: 

    COBOL LS is also part of Code4z package which is free to install and use on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

    Should you require any additional information, please contact:

    Dejan Milinkovic,, Product Manager
    Lukas Zima,, Product Owner