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New extension added to Code4z project!

  • 1.  New extension added to Code4z project!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 5 days ago
    Edited by Lukas Zima 5 days ago

    Code4z is an all-in-one VS Code extension pack for mainframe users working with z/OS. It includes Zowe Explorer, Explorer for Endevor and extensions for the development and interactive debugging of COBOL and HLASM applications. From now on, it contains also COBOL Control Flow extension that provides graphical visualization of the COBOL code which helps developers with navigation and shows dependencies between different parts of the program. 
    Code4z is free to install and use on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

    What's new:

    COBOL Language Support

    The new version 0.19.0 brings:

    • Expanded support for IDMS DML commands
    • Custom TAB button functionality
    • Support for compiler directives
    • Support for REDEFINES clause
    • Integration with COBOL Control Flow extension
    • Global variable support
    • Support for Datacom SQLDA and SQLCA implicit fields
    • other enhancements and bug fixes, see the changelog for more details

    COBOL Language Support is an open-source project. Please visit the GitHub repository to give us feedback or make your own contribution to the project:

    The extension is available for free on the VS Code marketplace: 

    COBOL Control Flow

    The new version 0.4.0
    provides copybook support if the latest COBOL LS extension is installed and enabled.

    The extension is available for free on the VS Code marketplace or Open VSX Registry.

    Please visit the GitHub repository to give us feedback:

    All extensions are also part of Che4z project which allows leveraging the plugins' functionalities in the Kubernetes native cloud environment or Openshift. New versions of plugins are being released with new Che versions on a regular basis.

    Should you require any additional information, please contact:

    Dejan Milinkovic,, Product Manager
    Lukas Zima,, Product Owner