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New Data Governance and Compliance Capabilities Now Included with CA RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS

  • 1.  New Data Governance and Compliance Capabilities Now Included with CA RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-12-2019 11:22 AM

    Digital transformation is driving the need to expand or extend access to your systems, requiring increased hyper-diligence in safeguarding PII data.  Fortunately, with the integration of CA RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS and CA Test Data Manager, you can now elevate the security of your mainframe Db2 data through intelligent masking capabilities.

    Mainframe Db2 data must frequently be extracted from one environment to another (such as from production to test). This new capability ensures that the extracted data remains secure through intelligent data masking -- a unique method of creating a structurally similar but inauthentic version of an organization's data.  With this new capability, you can specify the columns to be masked either in flight or in place. Additionally, you can define and subset Db2 data as part of the data masking process.

    CA RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS is a comprehensive data extraction utility that helps you build test environments and simplify data archiving. The product automates the act of extracting a subset of referentially intact data from one set of DB2 objects and loading it into another set of objects.

    CA Test Data Manager helps organizations automate test data management, deliver test data faster, create synthetic test data from scratch, shorten test cycles from weeks to days, and improve compliance.

    To take advantage of this new capability, customers must have licenses for all of the following:

    • CA RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS – Version 20.0 with PTF number SO11079 applied
    • CA Test Data Manager 5.4.18 for the mainframe
    • CA Test Data Manager 4.8.1 for distributed environments

    For additional details, you can read more in the following CA RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS

     Release Notes

    See the CA Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS Release Notes for important information that may affect your ability to upgrade, install, access, and use the new features and enhancements in this announcement.

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