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SYSVIEW for Db2 Supports Multiple HTML Template for Exception System

  • 1.  SYSVIEW for Db2 Supports Multiple HTML Template for Exception System

    Posted 08-27-2019 10:47 PM

    The Exception system of CA SYSVIEW for Db2  generates a notification or takes an action whenever a threshold is breached.  It can inform a destination group members of an exception by sending an email through an SMTP external writer.  The email contains a text/plain part and an html/plain part.

    The text/plain part allows the email to be displayed in a client that does not support HTML formatting. The following sample illustrates the email content in plain text format:


    The html/plain part is generated by using an HTML template. Users can modify the HTML template to customize the content of emails generated by the Exception system.

    Before PTF SO08846 (June 2019), CA SYSVIEW for Db2 supported only one HTML Template and all generated emails had the same structure. Support for multiple custom HTML templates is now provided. 

    Users can create multiple HTML templates and assign them to different destination groups. While different exceptions can generate emails using different HTML templates, a single exception can use multiple HTML templates to send emails to different destination groups. In the following examples, both emails are triggered by the same exception: 







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