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Db2 Tools New Feature Summary - Spring 2020 Edition

  • 1.  Db2 Tools New Feature Summary - Spring 2020 Edition

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 04-08-2020 02:05 AM
    Edited by Philippe Dubost 04-08-2020 02:05 AM

    Since our transition to Continuous Delivery for Version 20.0 of the CA Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS in March last year, we have released many new features. Here is a summarized list for your reference.

    Top 3 New Features

    API Zowe Integration: The DBM Data Service RESTful APIs are now integrated with the API Mediation Layer in Zowe. With this integration, you can access Db2 data and metrics in Zowe that are collected from CA Detector and CA SYSVIEW for Db2. This feature also includes a new call for canceling threads.

    CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence integration improvements: Ability to customize the metrics that are sent from CA Detector and provide new and updated metrics from CA SYSVIEW for Db2. You can also now send interval high-water mark values instead of classic active thread counts.

    Test Data Compliance: CA RC/Extract integration with CA Test Data Manager to provide data masking capabilities when performing extract functions. Data masking obfuscates classified sensitive data so that you can use it without exposure during development, testing, and QA processes.

    Additional Features:

    • Support for Db2 function level V12R1M504, V12R1M505, and V12R1M506.
      Note: For more information, see Db2 Version Support in the Release Notes.
    • Support for a new global primary command, DB2L. This command displays the Db2 12 continuous delivery levels (catalog level, function level, and previous highest level) of a subsystem and the values as defined in the SETUPxx parmlib member. This command is useful in helping to diagnose connection errors.
    • Support in the Batch Processor interface to display the Db2 12 function level during analysis execution.
    • DBM Data Service Rest API enhancements to remove redundancies, clarify use, and ensure consistency.
    • Post-installation tailoring enhancements to help simplify the installation and upgrade process. Improvements include updated terminology and consistency across panels and the ability to edit Xnet startup parameters during customization of the Xnet communications server.
    • Huffman compression detection support in CA Database Analyzer, CA Fast Check, CA Fast Index, CA Fast Load, CA Fast Recover, CA Fast Unload, CA Log Analyzer, and CA Rapid Reorg.
    • Mainframe Team Center - Database Management for Db2 for z/OS user interface look and feel enhancements and improvements to the Db2 subsystem selection process.
    • CA Bind Analyzer enhancements to support the Db2 12 CONCENTRATESTMT parameter, which improves dynamic statement cache performance.
    • CA Database Analyzer offers improved recommendations for database management with action conditions that let you exclude objects in Persistent Read Only (PRO) status.
    • CA Detector collection improvements to help reduce overhead during statistics collection and SQL activity collection.
    • CA Fast Load enhanced autonomics improves sort performance with improved accuracy in the automatic calculation of ESTIMATED-INPUT.
    • CA Fast Unload enhancements:
      • Support for the new Db2 12 UNLOAD privilege.
      • Support for the new format of the DSVOLSER column in SYSIBM.SYSCOPY.
      • Support for unloading archive tables from Db2 tablespaces and image copies.
      • Support for unloads with PBR RPN (PBR2).
      • Support for using the same value for COMMA and QUOTE.
    • CA Log Analyzer enhancements:
      • Support for incremental and flashcopy image copies in the Automated Dropped Object Recovery (ADOR) feature. With this enhancement, you can use ADOR to recover from partition image copies. You can also recoverimage copies taken with the SHRLEVEL CHANGE parameter and implicitly created objects.
      • Extended support in DML reporting to limit log reading in the initial log extraction for data sharing environments when INCLUDE filters are used on tables,databases, or both.
    • CA Plan Analyzer enhancements:
      • Improved bind card services for the new Db2 11 and 12 analytics accelerator parameters that provide more control over the use of the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS.
      • Support for the Db2 12 CONCENTRATESTMT parameter during binds and rebinds. This parameter improves dynamic statement cache performance.
      • Support for Db2 11 and 12 SYSPACKAGE table columns and Db2 12 DSN_STATEMNT_TABLE columns in CA Plan Analyzer reports. This support enables you to view and analyze additional information from SYSPACKAGE. It also provides greater insight into access path reuse in your environment with the ability to filter your Db2 EXPLAINs to include only those SQL statements that failed to reuse an access path.
      • New rebind phase-in function that allows Db2 to rebind and execute the same package concurrently.
      • REBIND and FREE support for Db2 12 advanced trigger packages, which enables package management of advanced triggers.
    • CA RC/Migrator, CA RC/Compare, and CA RC/Update enhancements:
      • Support for the Db2 12 IMPLICITLY HIDDEN clause for explicitly hidden ROWID columns.
      • REBIND processing enhancement to resolve and clean up invalid SPROCs.
      • Partition-level DSSIZE support for PBR2 indexes on Db2 12 subsystems.
      • Global changes to support AUDIT and VOLATILE attributes of a table.
    • CA RC/Query utility execution performance improvements and HDDL support on nested routines.
    • CA SYSVIEW for Db2 enhancements:
    • Added support to display the status of executing IBM Utilities from System Statistics. This display brings the same detailed information as the -Display Utility command.
    • Ability to monitor Indoubt threads. The number of Indoubt threads in your Db2 environment is reported. 
    • New Application Interval Summary Report (HTUAPRF) groups Db2 threads by AUTH-ID, CONN-NAME, CORR-ID, or PLAN-NAME in the specified time interval. This report helps you identify which type of threads used an excessive amount of resources.
    • Added support for multiple custom email templates that you can assign to different destination groups. CA SYSVIEW for Db2 can send notification emails when an exception is captured.
    • Support for SWAP and SPLIT commands in the user interface command line. This support makes the CA SYSVIEW for Db2 user interface compatible with other menus in your z/OS environment. 
    • Support for new IFCIDs and IFCID fields: new and updated trace records, reports, exception fields, and IQL requests to support new offload options. Enhancements include new Db2 system parameters and metrics related to new features in Db2 12.


    For more information about these enhancements, see New Features in the Release Notes.

    To learn more about what is being developed as it is being developed, join the CA Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project (validate.broadcom.com) to participate in Sprint reviews and have access to early APARs for some enhancements.