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Messages Are Now Searchable Across Product Spaces

  • 1.  Messages Are Now Searchable Across Product Spaces

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 07-05-2016 09:31 AM

    We have improved the message search capabilities in the DB2 Tools online documentation to enable searching across product spaces. You can now find message information for any product or component from the Message box/category on any product home page. For example, from any product space, enter the message code or text in the search field in the Messages box.

    The message displays in a separate window that you can view, open, or close without leaving the existing product documentation page. This saves you time in that you can perform the search from any product space instead of accessing the Messages space directly to find this information. You can also use any web search engine like Google to search for messages. For best results, include “docops.ca.com” in the search text. For example, PT121E docops.ca.com.

    The search results are always more current than what you might see using QuickRef since there is typically a delay of up to one year in providing updates to ChicagoSoft. In the DocOps platform, you can view new and updated messages as the changes are implemented.

    You can view the messages on a tablet, browser, phone, or while viewing batch reports or printouts. Almost anywhere you might lookup message codes when you are not on a 3270 terminal.

    Contact Cindy Hamm (Principal Information Services Engineer) for more information.