MICS support for TMON/CICS (TCE) 3.3 and beyond

  • 1.  MICS support for TMON/CICS (TCE) 3.3 and beyond

    Posted 06-10-2014 02:41 PM

    Hello Fellow MICS Boarders:

    MICS CICS Analyzer clients who have interest in CICS transaction activity metrics / identification information will want  to keep in contact with CA, pertaining to recent "technology support" -- that is, where it appears ASG TMON/CICS support is not being given equal-weight when it comes to MICS R&D resources' attention.

    It's becoming clear that any MICS admin / client site (and more the better to get CA's attention) who's interested in seeing new CICS fields like the "originating transaction" identification fields, will need to make their voice heard by opening a SUPPORT ONLINE issue.  As well, CA has apparently decided not to keep the TMON/CICS MICS support (non-SMF input data from TMON DLS) on-par with the comparable IBM CICS/CMF support (SMF 110 subtype 1) - usefulf Transaction Identification flags, to start.

    The idea/interest with the recently-added complement of "originating" transaction fields, definitely allows a MICS admin to consider eliminating the CIC component overhead processing introduced with MSACCOUNT -- for CICS/MRO sites, tying TOR transaction identification data downstream to related transactions running under the same UOWID. 

    For a CICS/MRO environment, it's a must to use MSACCOUNT in CICOPS, so that you can assign a CICACTn variable that contains both the TRANCODE (and optimally the PROGRAM) from the TOR/initiating transaction -- in order to perform application-transaction summary analysis/reporting.

    At this time, I am personally working with IBM's CICS technology area as part of long-standing (nearly satisfied) IBM enhancement request MR0315051612, which was started by CA at my request.  We hope to have finally convinced IBM that the "originating program" (TBD field OPROG) is equally as important as OTRAN and the others already provided.  Once OPROG is added, then the MSACCOUNT (sorting related) overhead processing can be eliminated, in favor of using CSUOTRAN, etc.


    Scott Barry
    SBBWorks, Inc.