USRSCID exit to auto-assign (temporary) CICSID

  • 1.  USRSCID exit to auto-assign (temporary) CICSID

    Posted 09-05-2013 02:16 PM
    Hello again-

    Thought I would also pass along a tip that might help MICS CICS ANALYZER sites avoid "missing data" for a new CICS region, for those sites that set a high threshold in CICTHRSH when a new CICS region (APPLID) is encountered. If your site doesn't fail the DAY040 with a hard U998 ABEND in this situation, it's up to the MICS admin to review the DAY040/INCR040 MICSLOG to see if/when there is a new CICS region, presuming you're not notified in advance (yeah, right!!)

    So, the MICS CICS ANALZYER has an exit USRSCID documented in the CICS ANALYZER GUIDE which can be coded so that you automatically assign any new CICS region to an appropriate CICSID value, when the CICOPS member does not have an entry pre-defined. Then periodically when checking the DAY040 MICSLOG (or by browsing the MICS CHECKPOINT for a recent low-timestamp), any new CICS region can then be added to the CICOPS member -- there is some overhead to run this exit and as well there a limited array-size to support these undefined regions when they occur.

    Doing so will reduce the dependency to check the MICSLOG output regularly while not forcing CIC component sites to force a hard U998 ABEND when a new region comes online, or having new regions' data be rejected with no more than a MICSLOG notification -- consider that there is no evidence generated in the MICS ADMIHL file, unfortunately.

    Have a great rest-of-the-week, People!!

    Scott Barry
    SBBWorks, Inc.