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sysview CTASKS inconsistent data

  • 1.  sysview CTASKS inconsistent data

    Posted 07-22-2019 09:24 AM

    We are comparing Transaction which are schedule in control-m with sysview  in panel CTASKS  thru rexx  and time to time TRAN  in CTASK panel dissapear and we got false alarm. 

    Detail description:

    In practise it means controlled execution of a transaction on a named CICS. Only one thread can be active at a time on a CICS region.
    The process is initiated by a batch job that issues a wake-up
    event, e.g.
    CITHRD 'J071W01A TULOS0 A 16-07-2019 999 Y N N'

    (for migration, also:)
    EX CITHREA3 'J071W01A TULOS0 A 16-07-2019 999 Y N N'

    OPS traps the event and starts the thread on CICS, e.g.
    F J071W01A,D208 TULOS0,A,16-07-2019,999,Y,N,N

    When CICS has accepted the thread, messages are issued:
    +PD201P0 -0040I-E:Dispatcher (CICS task 0092046) st
    +D208 TULOS0,A,16-07-2019,999,Y,N,N
    +D2081E - Dispatcher Control.
    +* Profile : TULOS0 Process option: A
    +* Date : 16/JUN/2019 Priority: 999 Autodeactivate: Y
    +PD208I0 -0015I-E:Dispatcher activated.

    The task which number is on "PD201P0 -0040I" is supposed to be
    active until the thread is terminated:
    +PD201P0 -0039I-E:Dispatcher (CICS task 0092046) sh

    This number is compared from ctm message and  sysview CTASKS panel by XVEXTRAC Task#  

    When CICS notifies the termination of the thread, a CONTROLM cond
    is set:

     it was working for a quite long time but it seem lately it makes lot of false alarm because numbers are not correct and it's not shown in sysview 
    Did you have any similair problem ? Was in sysview 15.0 ptf 7 some changes in CTASKS panel ?

    -Br M

    Martin Švidrnoch

  • 2.  RE: sysview CTASKS inconsistent data

    Posted 07-22-2019 03:30 PM
    Feature PTF 7 SO01737 did cause a problem related to CTASKS.  See PTF SO05678 for the correction.

    Software Engineer