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messages from the CICS task in the output queue

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  • 1.  messages from the CICS task in the output queue

    Posted 08-02-2019 05:22 PM
    Hello Colleagues.

    I'd like your advise in the following question:
    The CA SYSVIEW messages GSVC** that appears mixed with other messages of CICS  in the file JESMSGLG, the client asked us send these messages to another file in the outputs of the CICS, can this be possible to do?

    Example of the messages:

    15.31.27 S0037604 +DFHME0116 SAFEAOR1 737
    737 (Module:DFHMEME) CICS symptom string for message DFHSR0001 i
    737 PIDS/5655Y0400 LVLS/700 MS/DFHSR0001 RIDS/DFHSRP PTFS/HCI700
    15.31.27 S0037604 +DFHDU0205 SAFEAOR1 A SYSTEM DUMP FOR DUMPCODE: SR0001 , WAS
    15.31.27 S0037604 +GSVC118W (Task) SYSTEM dump SR0001 1/0467 Tran UT40 * Progra
    15.31.27 S0037604 +GSVC201E (Task) Tran=UT40 Task= 90199 Code=ASRA Program=AUTC
    22.16.18 S0037604 +DFHFC6001 01/08/2019 22:16:18 SAFEAOR1 Data set successfully
    22.16.18 S0037604 +DFHFC6001 01/08/2019 22:16:18 SAFEAOR1 Data set successfully
    22.16.19 S0037604 +DFHFC6001 01/08/2019 22:16:19 SAFEAOR1 Data set successfully
    22.16.20 S0037604 +DFHFC6001 01/08/2019 22:16:20 SAFEAOR1 Data set successfully
    22.18.00 S0037604 GSVC100W (SDCS) TRANSUMM TRANS TSUMLIFE EXCP * NORMAL PROBLEM 582 V= 00:01:41 W= 3.000000 P= 4.000000 UPPER 22:53:00 582 SAFEAOR1 * * * * 582 Desc='Transaction summary - LIFETIME '  582 Policy=0051A27C

    Any advise  will be welcome.
    Many thanks!

    IT Mainframe Specialist
    IBM de Chile

  • 2.  RE: messages from the CICS task in the output queue
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    Posted 08-05-2019 06:23 AM
    Hello Fernando,

    You can set NO in the MSG column on CTHRESH/CSTATES (or performing similar actions in the associated parmlib members) to avoid seeing the GSVC100W messages in the JESMSGLG.  Note that if these messages are being automated upon, if they are not in the JESMSGLG, then they are not in SYSLOG either, thus automation products keying on the GSVC100W message ID will no longer see these messages. By setting YES on LOG, these messages are written to the GSVCXLOG DD. That is already the default unless they have been turned off on the CTHRESH/CSTATES definitions. That would fulfill the part about writing the messages to another file for the GSVC100W message.

    The GSVC118W and GSVC201E messages are not configurable to be written to a separate file. These messages, when written, will always appear in the JESMSGLG. The only option is to disable the messages. The SYVWCOPTS (CCONFIG) options DUMP-NOTIFICATION and ABEND-NOTIFICATION control this behavior. Refer to product documentation on these options for further detail. These messages are intended to be more helpful than the DFH* message CICS provides you, so please consider leaving them on if at all possible.

    Jason Brosius

    Senior Software Engineer