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sysview db2 date-time-mask

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  • 1.  sysview db2 date-time-mask

    Posted 12-05-2017 12:50 PM

    I am creating a CSV for IFCID 376.  I want to format  EVENT-TIME   (PF=DB2) to have the DB2 load format of the date-time-mask.   I have the info from the manual.  What I need is the syntax to into my script. 

    From the manual
    DB2 / date-time-mask
    The date-time-mask specifications that are defined under the PF parameter can also be used with an OF parameter.
    DB2 is a special output format that causes writes the time in DB2 timestamp format, suitable for input to the DB2 LOAD utility. The format is


  • 2.  Re: sysview db2 date-time-mask
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    Posted 12-06-2017 04:02 AM

    What release of SYSVIEW for Db2 do you run? r19 has added a native support for CSV output format: Enhancements - CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Option for DB2 - 19.0 - CA Technologies Documentation  


    Thank you,