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2021-05-03 Please review Ideas for usefulness at your site

  • 1.  2021-05-03 Please review Ideas for usefulness at your site

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 9 days ago
    CA Datacom CADRE members,

    Please take a few minutes to review these items from our Ideas board.

    For several weeks now I have been posting a set of Ideas -- normally 10 -- here in the Community for you to review and give your feedback.  In order to focus on the Ideas felt to be most valuable by the CADRE Community, we will begin eliminating ideas that have been posted for a long time and that have not gotten traction with members of the Community.  If an Idea is at least a year old and still has only 1 vote, my plan is to reject the idea after giving a couple of weeks after posting to see if it garners any additional support.  I will also look for any ideas that are not aligned with our product strategy.  If you haven't had an opportunity to review Ideas mentioned in these emails recently for some reason, now would be a great time to do so.

    Here is this week's set of Ideas for your review.

    • If your organization would use the idea mentioned, vote for it by clicking the thumbs up icon at the bottom. Ideas with the most votes are reviewed with the Engineering team and may be prioritized for upcoming development work.
    • Add a Comment if you either have questions or feedback on an Idea.  Discussions are good.
    • Follow an Idea to be notified of future comments and status changes.  (Click the star icon at the bottom or to the right of the title.)
    • You can always check out all the CA Datacom Ideas in the top menu of the Communities. Filter by Category="CA Datacom" and click "Apply Filters".

    I've made the items in the list clickable links to help save you time:

    DAR: Provide a DBTEST control card to allow a repeat factor more than 99

    DAR: Expand ACCESS to include STATUS IGNORE

    DAR: Add dictionary Enable flag to CXX report with a reset command

    DAR: Provide an adequate CA IPC IVP that will insure each required component is installed and is op

    DAR: Change default VLS DSNs in CA Installation JCL for clarity

    DAR: Either expand the REPORT AREA=RXX or add a NOUPDATE option to Recovery

    DAR: Simplify the identification of "modeled" vs "unmodeled" Dataviews

    MMF (Multi-MUF) for SQL

    (WL) SQL Plan Distribution from Application Load Module

    DAR: Provide dynamic release verification into IPCs

    Dale Russell
    Product Owner, CA Datacom Product Family