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CA Tuesday Tip: CA Datacom/IDEAL 14.0 - New Messages from RO71338

  • 1.  CA Tuesday Tip: CA Datacom/IDEAL 14.0 - New Messages from RO71338

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 05-05-2015 05:09 PM

    CA Tuesday tip from Pat O'Brien, Principal Support Engineer, for May 5, 2015


    Explain CA Ideal 14.0 error:




    CA Ideal 14.0 PTF RO71338 provides some enhanced and some new CA Ideal messages, including IDADPSEP10 (as part of "14.01").

    PTF RO71338 SMP/e ++HOLD ACTION has instructions to update the ADRLIB VLS file to bring in the new and updated messages provided in VLS BACKUP format by the RO71338 CAILDATV member IL14LIB.

    First, the "1-ICSCMSGP05T – INTERR: MESSAGE DOES NOT EXIST 1-IDADPSEP10" will occur when the ADRLIB VLSFILE in use has not yet been updated with the new VLS backup file provided by PTF RO71338.

    To correct, run the PTF RO71338++HOLD ACTION for all CA Ideal 14.0 ADRLIB.


    Where are the messages documented?

    The CA Ideal for CA Datacom Message Reference Guide Version 14.01 documents all messages including the new and enhanced messages including "IDADPSEP10".



    IDADPSEP10E- PGM program in use by user uid, please try later

    Reason:  This message is issued in place of message IDADPSEP03 when CA Ideal is able to identify the user currently holding exclusive control of the program. If the user cannot be identified, IDADPSEP03 is issued instead.

    Action:  Wait, or contact the user identified in the message text by uid, to find out if the edit session is still active.