CA Tuesday Tip: CA IPC - How to increase the "Maximum Number of Output Members"

  • 1.  CA Tuesday Tip: CA IPC - How to increase the "Maximum Number of Output Members"

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 05-19-2015 05:59 PM

    Tuesday Tip from Julia Giancola, Senior Support Engineer, for May 19, 2015


    When I try to increase the "maximum number of output members" for ADROUT in SET OUT SITE, it gives the message 

    1-ICPSSETP21E - Maximum Outputs cannot be altered if Directory exists.

    You cannot increase the number of outputs without also changing the directory name.  So, there are two ways of doing this....               
    1. Change the directory name and the number of outputs...               
       recycle CICS                                                         
       run VLSUTIL format on ADROUT / SCPSUTIL INIT                         
    NOTE: If you do this, you will lose your old outputs so if you still need them,  you will want to print them out.  You will also need to
    redefine your destinations. I would suggest to run a VLSUTIL BACKUP ADRPNL/ADROUT before doing this.                                  
    2.  Run VLSUTIL EXPANDDIR                                               
    NOTE:  You will need to make sure that all activity is halted on ADROUT ;   so the recommendation is to close the file before you run EXPANDDIR. 
    Information on EXPANDDIR can be found in the CA IPC Implementation Guide,  Chapter 6, How to Expand the PSS Spool File Directory.