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CA Tuesday Tip: CA Datacom/DB - Changing DSOP (SPACE-MNGMNT attribute)

  • 1.  CA Tuesday Tip: CA Datacom/DB - Changing DSOP (SPACE-MNGMNT attribute)

    Posted 07-14-2015 05:08 PM

    Tuesday tip from JD Paquet, Principal Support Engineer, for July 14, 2015



    DBUTLTY CXXMAINT ALTER was used to change DSOP (SPACE-MNGMNT attribute) to 4 for the majority of our production areas.

    Recently we executed a DDUPDATE to enable Dynamic Extend.


    -UPD AREA,aaaaaa(PROD,DD)

    1000 ALTER


    1500 DYN-EXT-TRACKS,nnnn


    When we do the change for the Dynamic Extend, the change to DSOP to 4 is getting reverted back.

    Is this suppose to happen?



    With the advent of the 1000 ALTER for areas, that should be the method used to update DSOP in the CXX as it assures DD and the CXX are synchronized. Using CXXMAINT will always be subject to being reversed by a CATALOG of the Database OR a 1000 ALTER of the AREA. Either of the functions cause an update to the CXX data. It is just that the 1000 ALTER is limited to the AREA data only.

    The 1500 transaction can be used to update the SPACE-MNGMNT attribute in conjunction with the 1000 ALTER