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Tuesday Tip : CA Ideal for CA Datacom 15.0 DOCUMENTS

  • 1.  Tuesday Tip : CA Ideal for CA Datacom 15.0 DOCUMENTS

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-09-2014 06:59 AM
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    CA Tuesday Tip from Karina Pulinx , Principal Support Engineer, for December 9, 2014 


    One of the new features in CA Ideal 15.0 is the Document Creation Facility .        




    You can use Documents:

    online to provide responses to Web Service requests

    in batch to produce static content (XML or HTML) that is loaded into a web server later


    Documents are declaratively defined, and then filled by a simple PRODUCE verb,

    rather than elaborate construction logic being required to build the structure and markup of the result.

    This should result in higher efficiency, eliminating a lot of string manipulation from the application logic.


    If you installed IDEAL 15.0 and you would like to see what a document looks like and what you can do with it then

    IMPORT the attached Ideal sources : program WEBTEST7 and Document MUFOPEN .


    WEBTEST7 lists all bases that are open in an active MUF with their database entity name .

    Create an Ideal  WEB transaction to run this program .

    Make sure the CICS was started with TCPIP=YES in the SIT and that the TCPIPSERVICE is open  .


    Result of running that WEB transaction in my  browser :



    <?xml version="1.0" ?>

       <!DOCTYPE MUFOPEN (View Source for full doctype...)>

    - <- <MUFOPEN>

    - <MUFIdentity>

    <      <MUFIdentity MUFName="LV115BG" EnableTime="2014-12-01-" />

    - <    - <OpenBases>

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="1" DatabaseName="HUMAN-RESOURCE" />

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="2" DatabaseName="DATA-DICT" />

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="3" DatabaseName="DATAQUERY" />

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="10" DatabaseName="ORDER-ENTRY" />

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="15" DatabaseName="DDD-DATABASE" />

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="17" DatabaseName="TTM-DATABASE" />

    <         <OpenBases URTDBID="1000" DatabaseName="CASYSTEMTABLES" />



    <   <Resume UserName="WWW" RunDate="DECEMBER 5, 2014" />















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