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404 with sign-in on thread pages

  • 1.  404 with sign-in on thread pages

    Posted 05-11-2020 05:39 AM
    Edited by Carsten Schmitz 05-11-2020 05:41 AM

    In one of the latest whatchamacallit with the HigherLogic community forum, for some days now I am getting a 404 when I hit the "sign in" button on virtually any thread page. I need to go to the thread list before the button works as intended.

    Thought you might like to know.


    (edit: except when I have purposefully logged out and try to reproduce it for a screenshot. Then it works. But I'm sure it'll fail again tomorrow morning, it has reliably produced 404s every morning for the last two weeks or so).

    # --verbose=[true|false]
    # no configurables beyond this point, only signature

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