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I would like out of this

  • 1.  I would like out of this

    Posted 04-30-2020 12:24 PM

    I didn't get a site ID sent to me.  Now I have no way to download my products.  I have a valid invoice from when I bought the product 2 years ago.  I would just like to get a partial refund for my remaining months and be done with this.

    I have been on hold for 4 hours and every time I get someone and get to the point were they can open a ticket, the system drops the call.

    Please send me an email and I will reply with my invoice.

  • 2.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 04-30-2020 12:37 PM
    Hi Jonathan Kayl,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I sent you an email privately for the invoice, please help me with the details to find a valid site id for you.

    Heena Tabassum
    Customer Care Community Admin

  • 3.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 04-30-2020 12:43 PM
    I don't want a valid site ID.  I have been getting "help" on getting a site ID to two days now.  I finally got a lady on the phone that just gave me the site ID instead of trying to do... whatever.  But a Site ID doesn't open up the download portal.

    It is only step 2 of... how many other steps... and I assume each one will cost me two days to get through.  I would like out.  If I can get some of my money back, that would be great.  But luckily I am not out thousands of dollars like these other folks

  • 4.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 04-30-2020 12:39 PM
    I am having the same issue. You cannot get anywhere without a site ID. You cannot even query about how to get your site ID without a sit ID!
    Dealing with Broadcom has proven to be even more difficult than dealing with Symantec, and they were difficult enough.

    Please let me know if you ever get any help with this issue.

  • 5.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 04-30-2020 01:24 PM
    Yeah, just keep calling and eventually you will get the one person that will just give you a site ID.  Also ask for the trouble ticket number early.  That way you can reference it.  I would almost suggest you insist on getting the ticket early.  Once you have a ticket they can access you information without having to talk to you.

    But after... ~13 days of trying to get a site ID through the online measures, 4 hours of repeatedly calling the Help Desk number finally got me my site ID!  But now I have the Cisco hold music like... burned into my brain.

    Posting your complaint in this forum also might be quicker.  I don't know.. I got through to the lady that gave me my site ID at the same time as I got my return email on this post.

  • 6.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 04-30-2020 02:22 PM
    I was able to get a quick reply using this forum and was able to get my site ID. I am now able to access my systems information as well as the download services as well as the other services offered via the site ID.

    Since my current license is good until August, I am going to give Broadcom a couple of months to see just how the support moves along from here. At that time I will make a decision about how to move forward with my endpoint protection product.

  • 7.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 05-01-2020 11:05 AM
    Oh so here in the endstate.  After reading my invoice which clearly has licenses out until December 20 (or maybe not even reading it), Broadcom said that the serial numbers provided expired already (they were probably reading the earlier lines on the invoice for the previous years).   And promptly closed the ticket and told me that if I have further problems I can contact sales or go back to the chatbot.   So to save myself another 2 days of being on hold (to reopen my problem, and maybe get another two steps closer to a solution)to squeeze out the last 7 months of my licenses I am considering this a loss.  Luckily I got a class on the escalation of commitment early in my life.

    For folks that are reading this thread that are on the other side of the CBA.

    This forum is the best way to get answers.  Don't do the chatbot, don't call.

  • 8.  RE: I would like out of this

    Posted 05-04-2020 02:24 PM
    Hi Jonathan Kayl,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I see a case #31892966 is open with the customer assistance team for the same issue. We have notified the team to contact you and assist you further.


    Heena Tabassum
    Customer Care Community Admin