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CA Support Portal - User Administrators / Delegated Admin Responsibilities and Functions

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    Posted 10-25-2019 12:35 PM
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    Responsibilities and functions

    User Administration (also known as Delegated Admin) is an optional functionality that is available to Broadcom customers. It provides the ability for customer User Administrators to manage user access to their site IDs via Broadcom Support Online. A User Administrator takes on the responsibility of approving, updating and revoking access for users at a specified site ID. When a request is generated from an end user, the User Administrator will be notified via email of the pending request.

    Existing Broadcom Support Online user who wish to manage their own company's users' access must agree to the Terms of Use upon registering for this additional role . Broadcom will process the first User Administrator based on current business rules. After the first User Administrator has been enrolled to the site ID, Broadcom systems will automatically route all subsequent access requests, including additional User Administrator, for that site ID to the User Administrator.

    The User Administrator/Delegated Admin will have 3 business days to accept or reject the request.  If the request is not processed by the User Administrator in 3 business days, Broadcom Customer Care will process the request according to current business rules.

    Please note that in the event Broadcom receives inquiry from an enrollee about the status of pending enrollment and there is a User Administrator at site, we will inform the caller that the site has a UA and provide name of UA.

    Processing Pending Request as a User Administrator: 

    1. Login to 
    2. Click on My Account and select Administration.
    3. Select Registration Requests Tab.
    4. Click on Pencil Icon under EDIT/VIEW. 
    5. It will show you the request details. Click on Status, choose the option ( Accept or Reject) and Submit your request. 
    6. The requester will receive an system generated email about the status of their request.

    Managing site ID permissions for a user as a User Administrator:

    User administrators can log in to the support online portal and view the list of users associated with the sites. Admins will have access to change permissions from Enterprise to the below options:

    • Enable Download
    • Disable Download
    • Revoke Site Access 
    • Enable SAAS Provisioning
    • Disable SAAS Provisioning

    Note: Once you apply restrictions to a user, this permission will apply to any other site ID's the user is associated to.

    To make changes to user's permission, please follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Log into
    2. Select "My Account"-> Administration.
    3. Select "User and Permissions" tab. 
    4. Select the pencil icon under "Edit/View".
    5. Select the "Status" drop-down. 
    6. Make the change and select "Submit"

    Revoking another User Administrator's access

    User Administrators can revoke the access of another User Administrator at their site. User Administrators cannot remove their own access.
    Click the View/Edit icon next to the user whose User Administrator access will be removed. This will bring up a detail page with two tabs, Update Site Access and Revoke Site Access.
    On the Update Site Access tab, uncheck the User Administrator checkbox and click the Update button. You will see a message that the update was successful

    Removing your own User Administrator Access

    To remove your own User Administrator access, if there is another User Administrator at your site, request that they remove your access using the function described above. If you are the only User Administrator at your site and there will be a replacement, it is recommended that you first approve the replacement User Administrator, then request that person to revoke your access. If there will not be a replacement User Administrator and you are the only UA at the site, please open a support issue either online by selecting "Support
    Online" as the product or by contacting CA Customer Care.



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