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Download Firmware

  • 1.  Download Firmware

    Posted 04-22-2020 11:04 AM

     Using this site has been an exercise in complete futility, from having to log in every 30 seconds to having many, many broken links, I am unable to find what should be simple; I have 2 legacy Brocade 300 switches and I would like to upgrade their firmware but I am having no luck finding a link to download any firmware for these switches.  What is the process to acquire the firmware (these have likely never been upgraded so I assume I will need a few versions due to upgrade path issues)?


  • 2.  RE: Download Firmware

    Posted 04-22-2020 07:56 PM
    @Chris Olson -  one of our Brocade Community Mgr's will reply shortly  @Jeremy Easton ​​

    Thank you
    Broadcom Community Platform Admin, IT

  • 3.  RE: Download Firmware

    Posted 04-23-2020 12:22 PM
    Edited by Jeremy Easton 04-23-2020 12:25 PM
    Hi Chris,

    If your device has Brocade direct maintenance support you can access the software via the Broadcom Customer Support Portal (CSP) at  If your device has OEM entitlement/support you can access the software via your OEM or Partner.

    The OEMs/partners have to check that you have a valid support contract.  Their sites usually link to the Broadcom site and provide the software for you.  If you're not able to find what you're looking for, you'll have to raise a support ticket with your OEM/partner or Brocade Direct support and they will help you get necessary firmware.

    There is some additional details around Brocade Direct Support as well as phone numbers to contact here: 

    If you haven't already I would recommend joining the Brocade Fibre Channel Community and for future reference posting Brocade questions in the Fibre Channel Communities found here: