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Problem running SREPORT 013

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  • 1.  Problem running SREPORT 013

    Posted 04-29-2019 02:25 PM

    Trying to run a plain SREPORT 013 for a system that runs over 500K+ transactions.  


    This is what I get:

         802,715 INPUT RECORDS READ                                                
        SELECTION SPECIFICATION STATISTICS                                         
        BEGINNING      TIMES        TIMES        TIMES      NUMERIC    SUBSCRIPT   
        REFERENCE     TESTED         TRUE        FALSE       ERRORS       ERRORS   
              1      820,744      802,715       18,029            0            0   
      C750009 RECORDS WRITTEN FOR REPORT 00 --           0                         
    REPORT NO. 13                                      IDMS-DC PROGRAM SUMMARY  R17.
              SELECTED FROM:  00000  00:00      TO:  00000  00:00                  
                     ACTUAL:  19116  13:42      TO:  19117  03:00                  
          PROGRAM     PGM                                TIMES          TIMES      
            NAME      VER     DICTNAME    DICTNODE       CALLED         LOADED     
    NO DATA FOR REPORT 13                                                          
      C750009 RECORDS WRITTEN FOR REPORT 13 --           8  



    I can't figure out why I'm not getting anything on the report.  Any ideas ?


  • 2.  Re: Problem running SREPORT 013
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    Posted 04-29-2019 05:27 PM

    Hi Laura - SREPORT 013 reports on system statistics.  Because of this all

    the system statistics reports (1,3 12-16) require a time period nonzero

    session indicator to tell us which system startup to report on (there could

    be multiple startups in the log).   From the output of SREPORT 000 it looks

    like there was no time period.  Also it shows there were no startups found

    in the log.    System statistics are written at system shutdown, at a

    specific interval specified in SYSGEN or by DCMT WRITE STATISTICS.  The

    SREPORT must find a startup in the input log files and if no interval

    specified or DCMT issue must find a shutdown in order to report on the

    system statistics.


    Thanks, Carla


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