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Negative Dependency Wildcards

  • 1.  Negative Dependency Wildcards

    Posted 09-05-2019 07:58 AM
    I have a job that was set up previously in CA7 with a negative dependency set as ?EW*. I'm not sure if the use of wildcards work with the requirements as I have not found this usage in the manual anywhere. I have noticed that there are more jobs set this way as well and just didn't know if it has just been lucky that there has been no contention or if I am just missing the wildcard use in the manual

  • 2.  RE: Negative Dependency Wildcards

    Posted 09-05-2019 10:25 AM
    The example you provide :  ?EW*     represents an invalid form of a "conditional" dependency. You stated negative dep. That would require a slash.... for example: /EW*.

    You can not wildcard job dependencies - example: JOB?A.
    You can use a generic job dependency - example: JOB*
    You can use a negative generic job depenedency - example: /JOB*

    You can not use a conditional generic dependency like the example you provided: ?EW*

    It will allow you to define it that way, but the requirement will be satisfied when the job enters the queue. 

  • 3.  RE: Negative Dependency Wildcards

    Posted 09-05-2019 10:42 AM
    The programmer I am dealing with told me that the job already had the negative dependency and all i can see is the ? instead of the normal /. I will change this to the / and see how it works for them. Thanks for the reply

  • 4.  RE: Negative Dependency Wildcards

    Posted 11-28-2019 01:24 PM
    See if it was not a case of a "maybe" requirement as we use to call it...

    A conditional job dependency is indicated by prefixing the predecessor job name with a question mark (?). If job A is conditionally dependent on job B, then job A will depend on job B only if job B is in the request, ready, or active queues when job A enters the request queue

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