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New Features Announced in CA Workload Automation ESP r12.0.00

  • 1.  New Features Announced in CA Workload Automation ESP r12.0.00

    Posted 06-15-2020 01:29 PM
    Hello Workload ESP Users!

    As we continuously improve CA Workload Automation ESP, I am proud to announce these new features in r12.0.00: 

    Performance Enhancement
    • Improvement in the utilization of the instruction cache which provides a decrease in CPU time consumption as well as a decrease in MIPS consumption for the core ESP application and Event Manager
    • The new REST API facility allows your applications to interact with CA Workload Automation ESP Edition programmatically
    ESP Intelligent Experience Web UI with Job Flow visual representation
    • A new browser-based user interface that allows you to monitor your workload activity graphically and perform actions on your applications and jobs.
    DUEOUT Statement
    • A new statement, DUEOUT, enables you to take actions in advance if the job will be late.
    OPRUNIT and PROGROPRUNIT Better support for Oracle Jobs
    • Introduces support for the OPRUNITand PROGOPRUNIT statements in Oracle E-Business Suite (OA_JOB) jobs. Use these statements to specify the operating unit.
    Verify and Repair Options for the Global Variables Table
    • As part of maintenance, an ESP administrator can run integrity checks via the new "verify" command, on the global variable table. A new "repair" command can be run if errors are found, to proactively avoid any outages

    Ed Blazejewski

    Product Manager Output Management and Workload ESP

  • 2.  RE: New Features Announced in CA Workload Automation ESP r12.0.00

    Posted 06-15-2020 04:45 PM

    A bit more about the DUEOUT enhancement:

    Introduces propagation of due out start time instead of dueout end time if requested. In order to turn on the dueout start propagation, the user must specify the OPTIONS DUEOUTPROPAGATION(INPUT) statement on the application level. With the new statement in effect, the dueout time to start the predecessors of a job will be propagated by ESP with the dueout time set by the user.