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    Posted 07-25-2016 09:58 AM

    Hello, Please can you advise if there is any way of using DSTRIG command for VSAM datasets in mainframe. I have successfully used DSTRIG on flat file datasets however I have a new requirement for VSAM monitoring and triggering. Kindly advise.




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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 07-26-2016 01:44 PM

    Hello Bharath,


    Firstly please select proper subcategory for related scheduling product next time, like "CA Workload Automation ESP Edition", so that all the right users can see your question. Note: I selected ESP for you.


    If this is related to ESP as the scheduling manager, DSTRIG works for VSAM file, just need to add .DATA to the end of the DATASET trigger. As activities that are not pertaining to the DATA component of a VSAM cluster will be ignored.


    Following is from "Command Reference Guide" under "DSTRIG Command: Define Event-Level Data Set Triggers":



    SMF record type 64 is generated when a VSAM data set is closed or when EOV processing takes place. As with type 15 records, EOV records are ignored. CA WA ESP Edition also ignores TCLOSE records (CLOSE TYPE=T) and records not pertaining to the DATA component of a VSAM cluster.


    Hope this helps,



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    Posted 07-28-2016 05:00 AM

    Hi Lucy,


    Many thanks for the response and for the correction in category. To be honest I did try to post it in the right category but when I tried to search for ESP workload only the parent level category was available and hence I left it there. I will make sure I try and correct this whenever I post next.


    Regarding the response, I will try this today. Thanks again for your assistance !