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CA Workload Automation ESP Edition Office Hours Transcript (Feb. 26)

  • 1.  CA Workload Automation ESP Edition Office Hours Transcript (Feb. 26)

    Posted 02-26-2015 01:00 PM
    Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning everyone, we're going to get started in just a minute. Thanks for joining us!



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning, everyone. The ESP team is ready for your questions.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Thanks for joining us @Michael, @Douglas, @Leo, @Daryl, @Tony and @Gentile. What questions do you have for the ESP team?



    Gentile Burney :Good Morning is there audio for this



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Gentile: No. This is an online chat session only.



    Gentile Burney :ok



    Leo Cadegan :Are there "Best Practices" for setting ESP up for a DR test?  Any recommendations?



    Don  Powell :How do you guys think we can get more participation in the community



    Michael E. Ellis :I have a dataset trigger workload object that is trying to recognize when a new level of a GDG is created but it is now working.  I think the problem is that the new level of the GDG is being created with PGM=IEFBR14 and that there is no CLOSE thefore no SMF14 or 15 records.  What are my best options?



    Michael E. Ellis :I meant to say not working rather than now working.



    Gentile Burney :Rick is unable to bring up the Webexm he have a new computer do it work on 64bit Windows7



    Lixin Zhang :@Leo, yes, we have a best practice guide for DR, I can provide it to you later



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Gentile It should be working. Did you share the same link you used?



    Leo Cadegan :@Lixin, thank you



    Gentile Burney :he share the link to me and I was able to get on



    Don  Powell :@Michael......You are may try changing that to a GENR instead...



    Don  Powell :@Michael You are correct.......You could make it a GENR instead....



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Gentile What error is he getting?



    Gentile Burney :Can you broadcast on the website to join the community



    Leo Cadegan :@don it is hard to sort through all the Workload Automation dSeries info to find only ESP tips.  We have only had ESP for 1 year and am wary of providing input



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Leo: If you go to the community's main "Content" Tab page you can then select "ESP"  the left side to filter the content to only see the ESP stuff. Is that helpful?



    Michael E. Ellis :What is a GENR? Is it a special type of workload object like the DSTRIG?



    Leo Cadegan :@lenn, yes very, thank you



    Don  Powell :@Michael.....IEBGENER ....i shortened the name



    Leo Cadegan :For several of our wobtriggers, after a sever has been re-booted for having updates installed, the wobtrig fails.  We then have to go edit the wobtrig to activate it again.  Or the wobtrig will not work the first time after a reboot.  Any ideas?



    Don  Powell :@Leo For the Tuesday tips for ESP they can be found by putting this in the search box "tuesday tip ESP"



    Leo Cadegan :@Lixin, I will have to look.  Thank you.



    Don  Powell :@leo ....put this in the browser





    Leo Cadegan :@lixin i'm just a scheduler and not a software installer, just yet.





    Don  Powell :@leo then you are starting in the correct location....



    Lixin Zhang :@Leo, you may want to check with Nate, or issue "oper lmod cybjs145 "  page mode



    Leo Cadegan :@lixin cool...results: Module CYBJS145 found at address 17661760 in load module CYBJS000



    Rick Romanowski :The WebEx did not work in IE on Windows 7 64-bit.  I had to install Firefox to connect.



    Leo Cadegan :@lixin so guess we do have it? yet we still had an failure this week.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick: Sorry to hear that. Glad you could make it though.



    Rick Romanowski :Can a transcript be sent after the meeting for what some of us (me) missed?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick We'll be posting the transcript out to the community this afternoon.



    Lixin Zhang :@Leo, just checked, it seems 22030602-01 was opened by Nate for the wobtrig problem



    Leo Cadegan :@lixin ok thanks



    Don  Powell :Any more questions?  Everyone feel free to resond to any question.....



    Don  Powell :We need to make this more of a round table discussion to help everyone out....



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Don That's a great idea. There is a lot of ESP expertise in this chat today.



    Rick Romanowski :I have a concern about the comment that Sheri posted today.  I know Mark Warren responded, but it is not something I want to hear.  I think that should be addressed to remove any doubts.  I do not think Sheri would post without a good reason.



    Rick Romanowski :Regarding communtity use, I will date myself, but awhile back during the listserv days, there was much greater participation.  Stealing  Don Powell just my 2 cents



    Mark Warren :@Rick - Once we can identify who  CA made the commnets I will address with them. We actually have added to the development staff for FY16 and will continue to move forward with ESP enhancements.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick You can set up community notifications to function very much like Listserv -- but I think there is even more value in visiting the site instead of simply relying on email alerts



    Lixin Zhang :@Rick, do you want to share the problems you have with the new communities? May be someone here can help you thru to improve



    Rick Romanowski :I understand the increased value, but visiting the website requires time and effort that I do not always have.  To encourage particpation it needs to be easy.



    Ana Tatavu :We are  currently actively work on ESP enhancements. We published new ones recently and we keep working on new ones.



    Rick Romanowski :It also took awhile for me to get my email notifications setip correctly.  If people do not gfo to the site or get email they will not participate.



    Don  Powell :@Rick..... I think we all benefitted  the listserv....... and were able to help our clients......getting the E-mail set up is key to making it work....



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick Happy to help you again to get your email set up in a way that is helpful.



    Rick Romanowski :Participation is a 2-way street, if I respond to a post it is nice if people let me know I am on the right track or in left field.  Somethimes I may misinterept what is beimg asked because not enough info was porovided.



    Rick Romanowski :See now I am getting more emails than I want but it is better than 0.  I delete what is of no interest and keep or repond to the others.



    Rick Romanowski :I learn  what others are doing.



    Rick Romanowski :and hopefully provided solutions/ideas for others



    Don  Powell a thought here since we have very exerienced users on this chat......can we as a group try to participate more......... Not that we all need to be a Gene Budbill and respond to every one.....    He was great......



    Rick Romanowski :@Don yes Gene provided excellent information, along with yourself, Michael Ellis,  Randy Bennett, Sal Costanzo.



    Don  Powell :@Rick.....I will increase my effort........ I know all our jobs keep us very busy...



    Lenn Thompson - CA :So do we have any further questions for the ESP team?



    Rick Romanowski :@Don we need more people who are active, not just a few doing a lot



    Rick Romanowski :Is there any word on CAM?



    Rick Romanowski :Centralized Agent Management



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick I think if we all try to do just a bit more, it will inspire others as well.



    Ana Tatavu :There are sprint reviews starting on CAM, let me know  to whom I need to send the information



    Rick Romanowski :@Lenn that is one of my personal goals



    Rick Romanowski :@Ana



    Mark Warren :@Rick - CAM is active in development and scheduled for release in Q2



    Rick Romanowski :@Mark Q2 of 2015?



    Mark Warren :@Rick, Correct



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick Mine too!



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Everyone Just want to remind you all that we're going to start off by doing ESP office hours once per quarter. Our next scheduled session is May 28 at 11 a.m. ET.



    Leo Cadegan :Great news. thank you



    Lenn Thompson - CA :We have a few moments left in this session. Do we have any other questions?



    Don  Powell :@Rick ....Need some humor......I will always be in debted to Randy Bennett who I knew  the listserv.....At a conference he talked my wife into buying a Wii gaming system......We bought it the day after we got back.....



    Rick Romanowski :@Don what would have been the answer if you asked your wife for a Wii?



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Last call. Do we have any other questions for the team?



    Leo Cadegan :Thanks again



    Lenn Thompson- CA:Thanks all!