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CA Workload Automation CA 7 Office Hours Transcript (May 14)

  • 1.  CA Workload Automation CA 7 Office Hours Transcript (May 14)

    Posted 05-14-2015 11:29 AM
    Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning and thanks for joining us for CA 7 Office Hours



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Paul and @Barbara -- do you have any questions for our team of CA 7 experts?



    Barbara :Is there a dial in number for this Webex? I didn;t see one on the invite



    Paul :Can't hear anything



    Barbara :never mind...I see on the scrren there is no audio



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Barbara and @Paul There isn't a dial-in for this chat. If you have questions, please just ask them here in the chat window.



    Paul :saw it also



    Barbara :Can an error messgae of some type be returned when you add more than 254 requirements to a job?



    Paul :@Sue appreciate ALL the help and your patience





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara  There is a message that is produced on the DB.3.x screen when more than 254 are added, but subsequent requirements are still added (they are not stopped by the message that is produced)





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara  r12 will remove this





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara  the problem is not so much that more than 254 are added on the DB.3.x screen...





    Barbara :I tested, and I did not get an only get an error is the job you are adding is not defined...glad it is being updated in r12





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara  but that if there are more than 255 'unsatisfied' requirements added to a job in the queue





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara   there is an init file option of RQMT255 on the OPTIONS statement that causes a user requirement to be added with the wording that the unsatified requirements for 'this' job are greater than the one-byte field can hold





    Barbara :ok.....we had an isue with a job withe over 255 negative deps...when it came into the queue, it got a strange error code in one of the fields





    Paul:I just implemented RQMT255 on on of our test/development CA7 systems





    Barbara :Yes...we will be taking advantage of that option with our next maintennace window





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara  neg deps are different in that they always come into the queue satisfied...I don't know that the 255 is an issue with this





    Paul :will be rolling out to other systems soon





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara  you may want to open a ticket and have us investigate





    Barbara :ok...I have all the inofrmation in an email..I wil lopen a ticket





    Paul :This is a very good forum and appreciate the added support





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Barbara    I will watch for it...thanks





    Paul :@MarySue No reported performance issues this week or especially today when we do experience performance issues





    Mary Rude :Hi - it's my first time here - we only run about 600 jobs per day on CA7. In digging around I found info for the Web Client, would that be good for our operations group who mostly don't have mainframe experience?





    Marysue Redd - CA :@Paul...I will update the ticket with that info





    Jamie Pawlikowski - CA :@MaryRude- The Web Client is a great interface to utilize, it is important to keep in mind that you are able to execute against 7  the Web Client.  Meaning, you can cause problems in 7 if you are not acclimated with 7 and the Mainframe in general





    Paul :@Mary I have Web Client Server installed and our Operations staff rely on Web Client heavily





    Mary Rude :can access be restricted - can we keep them  updating schedules/calendars etc?





    Marysue Redd - CA :@MaryRude-- you could have your operators (or admins) go through the CA 7 Primer--it's a great way to acclimate your users to 7's capabilities





    Paul :now implementing CA7JFM to exploit it's feature





    Marysue Redd - CA :@MaryRude-- yes...the Webclient uses the same security rules that are used by CA 7





    Paul :saw hiper email for CA7JFM this morning RO79828 that look like I need to apply





    Bryan Lehner :@paul  --  what release of CA7 are you running





    Paul :11.3





    Paul :will be looking at r12 fourth qtr





    Roderick Woods :@paul....  yes, please apply that apar





    Paul :will do Rodney





    Paul :glad to see your on





    Paul :appreciate it





    Bryan Lehner :@paul -- that is what I have.  I will be curious if that fixes the problem as I have had issues with JFM





    Paul :I implemented CA7JFM last summer when we were testing iDash





    Bryan Lehner :I am in th process of installing R12 in our SANDBOX environment, has anyone been through the convertion process yet?





    Paul :CA7JFM at that expieriened high CPU on one of our test/development systems





    Paul :I sent supporting doc and a test fix provided





    Paul :we stopped using CA7JFM late last year





    Paul :and now what o utilize it





    Paul :so far no high CPU useage on this particular lpar where high CPU was experienced





    Paul :I've been monioting since Tuesday afternoon





    Paul :@Bryan by convertion do you mean converting to Datacom??





    Paul :@Bryan CA7 queue data sets to Datacom?





    Bryan Lehner :@paul .. yes to Datacom





    Bryan Lehner :@paul..  just wondering what the experience was like





    Lenn Thompson - CA :Does anyone else have any questions for our team at this point?





    Paul :good here





    Barbara :No more  me





    Bryan Lehner :all set here





    Paul :thank you for this meeting fourm very good





    Paul :hope we have more of these





    Paul :take care





    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Paul We have a WA session the second Thursday of every month and we rotate through the core WA products. The next CA 7 one will be in 3 months.





    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Paul Keep an eye on the community to see the announcement





    Paul :is there a schedule of date on CA Support web site I can refer to





    Paul :can I get a emaiol distro?





    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Paul If you set up your permissions in the community for email alerts, you'll get them for sure. We can take that offline if you give me your email address









    Lenn Thompson - CA :@John Thanks for joining us. I know you have a couple quesitons for the team -- so please feel free to ask them here.





    Lenn Thompson - CA :Thanks @Paul





    john :What is the status of the Universal (UI)? About 1.5 years ago I attended a session where they talked about going to a UI over all schedulers. This would replace Web Client. Where is this efort today?









    Mark Schlue :@John - we would like for Product Management to discuss this further with you if okay





    john :@mark - Basically you mean not here but at some other time.





    Mark Schlue :@John - I'll make arrangements for them to call you





    john :@mark - I would like to include my boss so hopefully we can both be there.





    john :Also during that session they said they were looking at building an interface/frontend (not sure what they called it) that could be used to maintain the 11.3 agents.

    Just wondering where that went?





    Mark Schlue :@John - that is fine to include your boss



    john :@mark maybe we can discuss both of these.



    Mark Schlue :@John - I believe that is the Agent Monitor product you speak of and that will be GA very soon.





    john :@mark - Is there any Doc available to review. 





    Mark Schlue :@John - doc typically available at GA, but please contact your CA Account Team for more info and demo.





    john :@Mark - Thanks. This is something we can use today.





    Mark Schlue :@John - we are excited about this new tool as well.





    john :@Mark - Since it has Monitor in the title I am wondering if it has alerting capability like when an Agent is disconnected  CA7. I fired of an Email to our rep so maybe will can get a demo.





    Mark Schlue :@John - we'll see if we can get you an answer on that here.





    Jamie Pawlikowski - CA :@John- The initial GA build will not include alerting; however, it is on the roadmap to alert in Agent Monitor.





    john :@mark - Looking forward to a demo, Thanks for the info 





    Lenn Thompson - CA :Do we have any other questions for the team?





    Mark Schlue :@John - you are welcome and hope the tool works for you.