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CA 7 Office Hours Transcript - 9/17/14 - Workload Automation

  • 1.  CA 7 Office Hours Transcript - 9/17/14 - Workload Automation

    Posted 09-17-2014 12:38 PM

    Customer Programs: Okay , let's get started.


    Customer Programs: If you have any questions, please type them into the chat box. The team is here to help!


    Marysue Redd: Hi guys--ever have a question about what/why in CA 7?  Nows the time to fire away!--and hello and good morning to all (if it's morning for you)


    Joe Boyle: Will there be sessions on R12 at CA-World?


    Mark Warren: Yes including pre conference education covering the conversion process on Sunday


    Mark Warren: @Joe - Yes including pre conference education covering the conversion process on Sunday


    Mark Warren: All any questions or concerns with R12?


    Mark Warren: Is anyone using the Web UI for Adminstration / Monitoring? If so what improvements are required?


    KJ: Please can you spend a few moments to outline the highlights of r12. Thanks.


    Mark Warren: @KJ, Datacom database, increase field sozes to remove restrictions. just to name a few. To get the details please down load the release notes on the

    Mark Warren: @KJ, or you can send me a mail and I will send you the release notes


    KJ: @Mark. I have a login to Support site, so will check there. Thanks.


    Mark Warren: @KJ, keep in mind that we have moved to a database so we can support long term the active / active environment


    Customer Programs: Are there any more questions for our panel of CA 7 experts?


    Earl: Has CA entertained the idea of enhancing the LDTM command to include information detailing if the requirement jobs are in any of the queues?


    Stephen Rosenfeld: When is a job considered late?  Does it add the QTM plus the run time or is it solely based on QTM?


    Clifton Lewis: How to setup an Agent job in CA-7.  I am having trouble understanding the documentation.  Also how do I know the Agent is talking to the Mainframe.


    Marysue Redd: @Stephen Rosenfeld-- there is a CA 7 technical document that gives this information on Support Online.  Let me go check and I'll come back with the                                  reference number

    Mark Schlue: @Clifton please open a support issue for this request agent set up


    Clifton Lewis: ok


    Stephen Rosenfeld: Thanks


    Mark Warren: @Earl, Not sure on the question for LDTM, can you give me a little more detail.


    KJ: Agent job CMDNAME statement. Can this statement be continued? If so how is that coded?


    Mark Warren: @Clifton - CA7 produces a message when a connection is made. Also when opening the issue please attach the logs  IAS and the agent this will help                                   expidite.


    Earl: When you issue the ldtm time command, it gives you info detailing the last run and lookback, but it would be nice if it also indicated if the requierement job was in the          req, rdy,  or active quueue


    Earl: or no queue at all


    Mark Warren: @Earl, I agree with you, can you please add this to the ideation site so we can have all customers review


    Earl: ok


    Marysue Redd: @Stephen Rosenfeld, technical document is TEC442028


    Stephen Rosenfeld: Is there a way to access the AGPSWD functionality through the Web Gui?


    Stephen Rosenfeld: Thanks Marysue!


    Mark Schlue-CA: @ KJ - yes, CMDNAME statement can be continued - C-LANG statements can be continued onto the next line by coding a plus sign or minus sign                               as the last non-blank character on a line.


    Marysue Redd: @Stephen Rosenfeld, you're welcome--and Thanks for joining us today and 'speaking up'...:-)


    KJ: @Marysue. Thank you.


    Stephen Rosenfeld: Do other facilities that you know of have a RACF area oversee their security (individuals - not jobs) or is this handled by a Tech services group/CA-7                                    administrators?


    Joe Boyle: We are currently looking at Idash for CA7, anyone else using it?  Just curious

    Mark Warren: @Joe, Yes we have customers using today


    Marysue Redd: @Stephen Rosenfeld, most of the client I speak to have the RACF people handle the security definitions (with input  CA 7 administrators, of course)


    Francine: Can perpetual calendars accomodate holiday dates (non processing) that change  year to year? For example Dec 25th is always a non processing day but we                    also observe Good Friday that changes dates year to year.  Also, how are leap years handled?


    Mark Schlue-CA: @Stephen - AGPSWD functionality can be done through CCI terminal, but not Web GUI


    Mark Schlue-CA: @Stephen -AGPSWD functionality can be done through CCI terminal, but not Web GUI


    Stephen Rosenfeld: @Thanks Francine


    Mark Warren: @Stephen, I would also request that you add this to the Ideation site so we could actually implement in the product.


    Marysue Redd: @Francine, you can create members to be INCLUDEd in your PCAL definitions for holidays (non schedule days) and change these as needed.  Changes                            to the PCAL (or INCLUDE) does not change the currently created calendars.


    Joe Boyle: I know its probably impossible, but it would be nice not to have to do global resolves, We do it twice a year. We have close to 300 calendars that get shipped to                    all of our plex's.


    Mark Warren: @Joe, I would agree, so please add to the Ideation site as we are starting to look at R12.X


    Francine: Thanks MarySue

    Joe Boyle: Will do ... Thanks


    Stephen Rosenfeld: ok - thanks


    Mark Warren: @Joe,This is not the first time this has came up, but no one has entered into Ideation and moving forward as Product Manager I will enhance the product                             based on customer feed back.


    Joe Boyle: Its important to us. I will make sure I do it. With thousands of jobs it takes a while. We have developed an automated process due to the volume of work we                          have.

    Joe Boyle: Thanks


    Customer Programs: Does anyone have any other questions for the team today? Did we miss any?


    Joe Boyle: CA World is a great venue, just want to suggest CA7 is included as much as possible. Managemt frowns on sending team members when there is only 1 class                    to attend.


    Mark Schlue-CA: @Joe - thanks for that feedback.  I will make sure that information is passed on internally to management team.


    Stephen Rosenfeld: Currently I wrote a SAS program to take all our jobs scheduled in a 24 hour window(FJOB,=(092214,0801),TO=(092314,0800),SEQ=JOB,TRIG=JD)                                    and do an LJOB,JOB=JOBX,LIST=RQJOB to capture the JDEPS and make sure they are scheduled within that 24 hour window. Sometimes we                                          need to do "SKIPS", etc... based on schedules rolling Forward or Back or Dropping. Is there a way to capture this through CA7 in batch?


    Michael Woods - CA: @Joe - there is a pre conference education on Sunday related to CA 7 and R12


    Joe Boyle: Thanks


    Marysue Redd: @Stephen Rosenfeld there currently is no replacement in 7 for your SAS program--however with r12 and CA Datacom/AD database there will be other                                ways of obtaining this data available to you

    Customer Programs: Thank you for joining us for our first-ever CA 7 office hours. On behalf of the CA team, we thank you and hope that you found it valuable.


    Joe Boyle: Thank You!