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RMDS to CA View Conversion for Report Viewing

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  • 1.  RMDS to CA View Conversion for Report Viewing

    Posted 11-25-2019 06:33 PM
    Has anyone had experience converting the metadata from IBM's report management tool (RMDS) to CA View.  I am looking for the tasks within an implementation plan to setup our Report Management within CA View on the mainframe (without the Web Interface).    We already manage our JES job output in CA View but would like a separate database and interface for Report Management.   We need to take the unloaded meta data (the report setup and index meta data) from RMDS and load it into CA View.  We won't be transferring any report data from RMDS to CA View.

    Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Also I would appreciate any suggestions on the turnover and training tasks for operator administration (setting up new reports) and user training.

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    Posted 11-26-2019 11:31 AM
    Hello Patrick,

    Regarding your query on conversion of RMDS metadata to create a CA View/Deliver environment, we have a CA/Broadcom Services division that can provide you with the information and conversion utilities that you are looking for. Your best bet for getting the information that you need would be to contact your CA/Broadcom Account Representative. Your Account Representative can then facilitate a connection with our Services division for you.

    I hope you find the above information useful. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    Best Regards,
    Scott London
    CA/Broadcom Support

    Sr Support Engineer - Mainframe
    CA Technologies a BROADCOM Company

  • 3.  RE: RMDS to CA View Conversion for Report Viewing

    Posted 12-02-2019 12:18 PM
    In many cases, services may be available at no charge if you complete the conversion to CA View/Deliver, so please check on this.

    Best Regards, Nancy Lipp
    CA/Broadcom Support  

  • 4.  RE: RMDS to CA View Conversion for Report Viewing

    Posted 12-03-2019 10:48 AM
         I am intrigued with your project as I have been working something similar since IBM dropped support for RMDS in Apr2017.  It sounds to me you are still looking to archive/retain report information in RMDS even though, at some point, something will change in z/OS or DB2 that will break it.
         That said, while I tangentially understand some of how RMDS works, I suspect most of the meta data would be available in some of the DB2 tables for RMDS.  I assume part of what you are tracking is job names and numbers and run dates and such?  I would assume if you could extract it, there may be a way to load it into View but the process to do that (SARSAM) is cumbersome at best.  Also, I have never had anyone offer SARSAM as an option without a slew of caveats and warnings.