• 1.  CA-VMLIB extract

    Posted 06-06-2018 12:54 PM

    We are a z/VM shop, we use CA-VMLIB as our repository. We have been asked to support our outside contractors in their quest to review all out programs by application. I do not want to grant the contractors access to VMLIB (obvious reasons...) So I am looking for a option to extract source code from VMLIB in a 'decompressed; format.

    Granted we considered just giving the contractors z/VM access and linking them to VMLIB's 194 'C' disk, where they would have to issue a 'SHOWME' command to see programs in readable format, The real issue to that option is the contractors require a copy of the program so they can run the program through some sort of analyzer tool.

    question: Is there a method to extract programs from VMLIB that will display programs in readable format without granting access to VMLIB?


    Thank you,


    Nick Mattera