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Passing a variable in PoepleSoft Plugin attribute

  • 1.  Passing a variable in PoepleSoft Plugin attribute

    Posted 07-13-2020 10:49 AM
    We are in the process of moving from PeopleSoft adapters to plugins and need your expertise on one issue. In the adapter world, we use to pass the run control attribute on the command line through a variable coming from the script, as the value is dynamic.  When converted to plugins, it doesn't accept the same.

    /* ----------------- TEST_JOB_FOR_PEOPLESOFT_P ----------------- */

    insert_job: TEST_JOB_FOR_PEOPLESOFT_P job_type: PS
    machine: node1
    owner: autosys
    permission: gx,ge,wx
    date_conditions: 0
    description: "Testing"
    alarm_if_fail: 1
    alarm_if_terminated: 1
    ps_restarts: Y
    ps_email_log: N
    ps_email_web_report: N
    ps_operator_id: AUTOSYS@INSTANCE
    ps_dest_format: PDF
    ps_dest_type: WEB
    ps_process_name: TEST-JOB
    ps_process_type: Crystal
    ps_server_name: PSNT
    ps_skip_parm_updates: N
    ps_run_cntrl_id: $$TEST_RUNCNTL1

    Is there a way for "ps_run_cntrl_id" attribute to read the value from a file?

    Sandeep Veetil
    Application Administrator