Data Content Discovery for z/OS

CA Data Content Discovery 2.0 IR6 Is Now Available

  • 1.  CA Data Content Discovery 2.0 IR6 Is Now Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 05-03-2017 04:28 PM

    We are pleased to announce that CA Data Content Discovery Version 2.0 Incremental Release 6 (IR6) is now available for download from CA Support.


    To take advantage of the following new features, apply PTF RO95392 and review the ++HOLDDATA for instructions. For a product overview, release information, and more, check out our CA Data Content Discovery for z/OS - 2 Incremental documentation.

    • Scan CA IDMS Records
      You can now configure CA IDMS database settings and run data discovery scans against tables in a CA IDMS Central Version. For more information about configuring the database, see Configure Databases to Enable Scanning of CA IDMS Tables.
    • Monitor, Scan, and Report on IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® for z/OS Transmissions
      You can now create policies, whitelists, and reports to monitor IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS transmissions that leave your mainframe environment. Doing so helps you determine whether sensitive or regulated data leaves the mainframe through IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS transmissions.
    • Deploy the Product to Additional Systems
      You can now deploy the product to additional systems in a Sysplex environment. Doing so saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to perform a full product install on each system. For more information, see (Optional) Deploy the Product to Additional Systems.
    • Implement z/OS® Automatic Restart Management (ARM)
      The product uses ARM to reduce downtime if there is a system failure. Using ARM can save you time and money because users do not lose access in a single-fault scenario.  For more information, see Implement z/OS Automatic Restart Management
    • Deploy Product Maintenance Without an IPL
      You can now deploy product maintenance without performing a system IPL for the changes to take effect. This enhancement saves you time and reduces disruption to your system.

    • Retry Scans of Data Sets That Are Not Accessible 
      The product monitors whether a data set is accessible to process a scan request. If the data set is not accessible at the time of the request, the controller automatically makes 10 more attempts to process the scan. You do not need to perform any configuration to specify the number of retry attempts.

    • Query Scan Results for Sensitive Data by Calling a REST API
      You can now determine whether a data source contains sensitive data by calling a REST API. This REST API lets you query multiple scan results for a specified data set, volume, or USS data source.
    • Identify the Column Where a Match Begins (Match Position Column)
      Scan results now identify the column where a match begins in a new column, Match Position, which appears on the Rows with Matches screen. This information makes it easier to locate sensitive data within your scan results.