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CTS API Interface to OPS/MVS SSM

  • 1.  CTS API Interface to OPS/MVS SSM

    Posted 12-11-2019 10:38 AM
    Automating and controlling the startup and shutdown of the CTS task can be problematic.
    CA-1 (and other CA products) when they initialize currently interface with OPS/MVS using an API.

    The  current API interface of CA-OPS/MVS allows participating CA products to generate common
    current state APIs. This allows for a single AOF rule such  to set the CURRENT_STATE
    of such CA products accordingly within a SSM  table. The basic CASTATE API events resemble:

    State of CA1 is UP
    State of CA1 is STARTING
    State of CA1 is STOPPING

    We would like for the CTS task to generate these API calls so that we can easily control CTS via OPS/MVS and System State Manager.

    This would be a CA1 / CTS  product enhancement.

    Nick Ciancio 6102198342