TPX Session Management for z/OS

  • 1.  TPX ACL Options

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-09-2015 01:12 PM

    There are some opt

    There are some options available which provide helpful functions for your ACL. These Options are:


    OPTION FLOW,ON     Each executed ACL-Statement is written into TPX message log as well

                                            ('ON' is helpful for reseaching and debugging, 'OFF' is default and should be used in production)

    OPTION MAXI,nnnn   After nnnn executed statements the ACL ends

                                            (prevents endless loops)

    OPTION TERM,ON     Application data is written to Terminal ('OFF' prevents this)

    OPTION TIME=n,label If no Statement is executed in n seconds, the ACL branches to specified Label

                                            (prevents deadlocks)

    OPTION RESIDENT,ON Does ACL remain in storage? 'OFF' is defaults. When using 'ON' any change requires a reload:

                                           RELOAD ACL=aclname

    OPTION ERROR,label If an error occurs during processing the ACL branches to specified label.