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New CA Endevor Developer Foundational Badge

  • 1.  New CA Endevor Developer Foundational Badge

    Posted 04-29-2020 01:22 PM
    Edited by Vaughn Marshall 04-30-2020 04:33 PM
    Hi all,

    I wanted to let everyone know we now have our first CA Endevor digital badge available.  Our first entry is for Developer Foundational with more coming in the next few months.  Note:

    • An active maintenance contract is required to access Mainframe web-based training and knowledge assessment tests to earn a badge. 
    • Courses are available 24 hours after log-in for new users or existing users who have not accessed Learning@Broadcom in three months or more.
    • For more information about accessing Learning@Broadcom, please refer to this guide    

    See this post in the CA Mainframe Software Community for more details: